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STOVE TOP: (All items are fully cooked)

Matzo Balls


Handmade noodles


Defrost in fridge the night before or defrost in microwave to thaw and add to lightly simmering soup



Always preheat your oven. Temperatures may vary with different equipment.

Always check on your food midway through and adjust temperature accordingly


Beef Brisket:

350° -  25 minutes per lb.

Pour gravy over brisket and cover


Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken Nuggets

Popcorn Chicken

Fillet of Sole

South African Style Fried Fish

Chicken Skewers:

Covered 350°  -  15 minutes per lb.


Lemon Chicken

Roast Chicken

Honey Garlic Chicken

Chicken Wings:

Covered 350°  -  30 minutes per lb.


Boneless Chicken Breast

Boneless Turkey Breast

Grilled Salmon

Roast Turkey Legs/Breast/Wings:

Covered 300°  -  20 minutes per lb.


Cabbage Rolls:

Covered 350°  -   20 minutes.

Shep’s Pie:

Covered 350°   -  30 minutes.



Covered 300°   - Small 30 minutes/Large 45 minutes.



Tightly covered in foil 350°  -  25 minutes per lb.

Side Dishes like Kasha, Farfel, Potatoes, Rice, Noodles:

Covered 350°  -  20 minutes per lb.



Defrost in fridge night before.

Brown in butter or cooking spray or heat in oven at 400° for 15 minutes.

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